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I n this area you can download both the local- and the net-version of our software. The software is immediately ready for use. For all other versions please contact one of our dealers.

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Within the first 50 (Workflow-Versions: 100) times of using the software you can purchase your license from a dealer. If you do not want to continue using our product after the first 50 (100) times of using it, you do not need to do anything: the license key runs out and the software deactivates itself automatically.  


dns.comfort.local PLUS 7

for a single PC

Version (2019/07/08; 18.2MB)
For Windows 2008, 2012, 2016, 7, 8, 10, 32 und 64 bit.Download

Installation guide PDF (07.08.2019, 234KB)
Overview PDF (18.10.2018, 219KB)
User Manual WWW, PDF (5,5MB) (1.3.2013)
dns.comfort.local Version 6 EXE

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dns.comfort.net PLUS 7

for network usage
Version (2019/07/08; 20.4MB)
For Windows 2008, 2012, 2016, 7, 8, 10, 32 und 64 bit.

Installation guide PDF (07.08.2019, 444KB)
Overview PDF (18.10.2018, 223KB)
User Manual WWW, PDF (6,4MB) (1.3.2013)
dns.comfort.net Version 6 EXE

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Grundig, Olympus, Philips and Nuance driver to control dictation devices, microphones and footpedals.

GOP Treiber MSI 64Bit

Hardware Setup Version Version (2019/02/26, 24.5 MB) Download

GOP Driver MSI 32Bit MSI
MSI-Setup-Guide PDF (15.02.2013, 61 KB)

Note: Use only in connection with dns.comfort. It allows the use of professional dictation hardware to control Dragon NaturallySpeaking and dns.comfort-workflows both locally and under Microsoft WTS and Citrix XenApp.

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Complete overview dns.comfort

dns.comfort.pro workflow (PDF, 9.12.2016, 192KB)Download

Which version do you need? PDF (18.10.2018, 157KB)
Working modes PDF (18.10.2018, 188KB)
Integration into patient administration systems PDF (18.10.2018, 520KB)
dns.comfort and terminal server PDF (18.10.2018, 390KB)
dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS PDF (18.10.2018, 230KB)
dns.comfort system query PDF (18.10.2018, 182 KB)

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