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Carefree dictation! With the background autosave feature you can continue immediately after a crash with your dictation.
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Just dictate

Dictate by the press of a button and only where you want to. If you have more than one window open: you always see where you work.
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We are Sonic Labs, your partner for comfortable dictation and professional speech recognition. We integrate the most proven software for speech recognition, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, into almost every environment. On top you can get numerable vocabularies and clever features like SpeechLock® and SonicPad®. – This way dictation is fun!
You want to dictate stationary or mobile, with or without speech recognition, you need the possibility of delegated correction? Our software adapts to your requirements. You work with certain hardware and want a speech recognition software that links to your patient or legal administration system?  Our integration links make it happen.


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    dns.comfort easily integrated into the following medical software

25_Nephro 7
23_KIS Nexus