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Sonic Labs GmbH offers dictation software for every application. The base of our products with speech recognition is the proven  Dragon NaturallySpeaking / Dragon Medical. Each of our products is its own little dragon. Whether for a single user or a whole network, with speech recognition or as pure digital dictation – our overview leads you fast to the product that fits your requirements.
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All dragons is a circle


Which dragon type are you? This way to find out more!




    • BASICworkflow PLUS
    • digital dictation
    • network solution
    • delegated correction
    • wise dragon
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    • with speech recognition
    • single user solution
    • correction by author
    • the strong dragon
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    • with speech recognition
    • network solution
    • correction by author
    • the team dragon
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We can work with everybody. Absolutely everybody!

Whether you work in the medical area, in the administration or offer legal services; our products have so many different interfaces, so that they can be integrated seamlessly into almost every software.

If you have developed a new system or you use a system that nobody else uses – no problem: we program a customised interface that works.

This way you can rely on a smooth system of a piece.


Crash-safe. No kidding.

Say goodbye to the worries, that you may need to start anew your two-hour dictation marathon after a server crash. With SonicPad® you dictate carefree as never before: the dictation window runs continuously and saves your dictation permanently locally in the background. This way you can continue after a crash where you stopped and save valuable time.


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You speak. dns.comfort does the rest.

With SpeechLock® you dictate at the push of a button only into the window, in which the text should show up – whilst dictating you can also use other applications.

You decide,  where you dictation happens. SpeechFocus also ensures that marked text and the text cursor are highlighted in colour.  This way you keep the overview of what happens with your text.


Work with what you like.

Our software runs everywhere where Windows runs; independent of the type of hardware you use. This is true for the Big ones, e.g. Citrix, VMWare or WTS – and also for the small ones where we ensure that audio formats from iPhone-, Android- and Blackberry-Smartphones are transferred faultlessly.

If you happen to change your devices at some point: our software will come along with you.


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You are professionals. So are we.

You just want that it works. And we do just that: thanks to the unique architecture of our software we do not only go easy on your nerves but also your equipment; for installation as well as operation and maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance: you need support to solve a problem immediately, best by telephone? Call us and we will help fast and non-bureaucratically.

You need an additional feature to support your work processes optimally? Speak to us and we develop something together that fits your and your organisations’ requirements.