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dns.comfort.net PLUS

You are the Team Dragon!

The team dragon: Together you are strong. A number of persons dictate at different places with speech recognition. The text shows live on screen of each author, who can also access corrected and newly learned words and phrases of the other authors. This ways one uses the knowledge of the others and everybody learns something. Because what is stronger than one dragon? Right: many dragons.

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Compact Information dns.comfort.net PLUS – Dragon Cloud
Compact Information dns.comfort.net PLUS – Dragon Desktop
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Work Process

Dictation The author(s) work with speech recognition at one or more work stations and dictate directly into the target application (e.g. MS Word). The text shows up live on the screen.
Transcription Corrections are carried out during dictation by the author.

Your benefits at a Glance

The dictation system uses the collective knowledge for the individual

All authors within a pool learn jointly whilst dictating and swap automatically new and deleted words as well as new and deleted commands. Existing profiles can be either automatically or manually transfer onto new users (user groups). The preliminary word list allows control over by speech recognition newly learned words before transfer to the vocabulary.

SpeechLock® & SpeechFocus not only for radiology, expert report and research..

Do you use other applications whilst dictating? SpeechLock® ensures that everything you dictate ends up in the correct window, independent of which application you actually use.

With SpeechFocus you keep the overview. When using SpeechLock® together with Microsoft Word marked text and cursor are continuously highlighted in colour. This way you always know, whether text has been marked and where dictated word have been inserted.

SpeechLock® is included into the PLUS-packet.


Clever solutions make a healthy dragon

New and deleted words can be checked locally and centrally at the end of each session. This way only the words that should end up in the vocabulary – an important building block for permanently good recognition accuracy.

The invisibly run command and word list creates next to your vocabulary a basis, which provides your speech recognition with new and deleted commands and words, even after a version change of Dragon NaturallySpeaking or the creation of a new profile.

Through continuous saving you are always on the safe side

The optional SonicPad® offers continuous auto-save of your dictation and a correction by overtyping without loss of the associated audio data. This way no dictation is lost anymore. The  SonicPad® allows you flexible and fast working on draft modus in your dictation system.

The SonicPad®  is included in the PLUS-packet


Easy control makes dns.comfort tool of choice

With professional dictation hardware (various microphones, footpedals and dictation devices, e.g. Philips SpeechMike and DPM, Grundig DigtaMic, Olympus DS-series) you can control Dragon as easily as you can record your dictation with a dictation device or a smartphone.

dns.comfort reins the Dragon in

With StreamControl audio date are optimized so that speech recognition only registers the part of the dictation that is meant for the Dragon. Everything you discuss with your patione after pressing the stop button on your dictation microphone will be ignored.


Practical details ensure intuitive handling

The backup-administration allows restoring of the Dragon-profile within a few seconds.

Shortcuts for different Dragon-profiles ensure a one-click start from the desktop.

An integrated command and word list can be maintained outside Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Important Dragon-options can be configured centrally as easy as pie.

Intelligent Integration

With the optional integration into patient administration and legal client systems case specific dictations are possible by the press of a button.

As medical professional you can dictate all data that needs to be recorded – like medical history, diagnostic findings or therapy plan – in one step. dns.comfort transfers the recorded data automatically into the corresponding categories of the associated patient file.

In addition we offer PerfectMatch®-specialist vocabularies, which can be customized according to your specific needs.


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