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Product Information


Overview PDF (28.01.2019, 303KB) Flyer Product Family – combines well with Working Modes Flyer English
Decision-making Aid PDF (18.10.2018, 157 KB) Which version do you need?
Working Modes PDF (18.10.2018, 188KB) Flyer Possible Working Modes English
Product Types PDF (18.10.2018, 182KB) Flyer Product Types English
Integration PDF (18.10.2018, 520KB) Flyer Integration into med. systems English
Terminal PDF (18.10.2018, 390 KB) Flyer Use of dns.comfort in Terminal Environments English
dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS PDF (18.10.2018, 230KB) Flyer Benefits dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS English
echnology PDF (20.12.2012, 417KB – Currently under revision)
Information Leaflet for Administrators English
dns.comfort System query PDF (18.10.2018, 182 KB)

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Quick Referenz Guides

SonicPad® & SpeechLock® PDF (11.02.2019, 175KB)
dns.comfort.pro Author PDF (28.01.2019, 368KB)
dns.comfort.pro Typist PDF (28.01.2019, 331KB)
dns.comfort.basic workflow Author and Typist PDF (18.10.2018, 532KB)
dns.comfort.net PLUS Information leaflet PDF (18.10.2018, 230KB)
dns.comfort.local PLUS Information leaflet PDF (18.10.2018, 219KB)

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Price list

Price list D,A PDF (Version 6, 29.06.2017, 76KB)

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Company logo

Company logo Sonic Labs Company logo Sonic Labs (12.12.2016, 1800×1200, PNG)
Company logo Sonic Labs – small Company logo Sonic Labs – small (12.12.2016, 300×200, PNG)

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