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Ilka Rzymann

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Version 5 has started


The new Version 5 of dns.comfort is here!

Fully compatible with Dragon 14 and equipped with new features:

  • Complete emulation of the MBSEasy – Interface for easy integration into KIS and RIS-systems.
  • Flexible configuration of approval sequences within a workflow: the approval of dictations can be carried out by any authors and/or author group. Optionally, this can be done dependent on dictation properties.
  • Tasks can also be carried by other authors in the same pool.
  • Improved SpeechLock: New window classes are supported. The locked window can be set to “automatically always at the top”.
  • The background recognition service handles several dns.comfort-server now. This way the background recognition can take place with a number of dns.comfort-server instances on only one computer.
  • Self-defined columns can be edited – also with pre-specified values.


dns.comfort.local and dns.comfort.net can be downloaded from our Internet site:

For our products dns.comfort.basic wf, dns.comfort.net wf and dns.comfort.pro from the dns.comfort.Product family please contact your/our distributors
( https://www.sonic-labs.net/en/dealers).



New: Statistic Module

October 2015

From version our product versions dns.comfort.pro, dns.comfort.net workflow and dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS include the new separately activatable Statistic Module. It allows comfortable analyses of dictations and application usage with just a few clicks.


New Format for Central Filestore and Encryption

August 2015: SecureDS by Sonic Labs

From dns.comfort-Version dns.comfort uses in the product versions dns.comfort.pro, dns.comfort.net workflow and dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS a new format for central file storage. The new format reduces significantly the necessary storage space requirements. Additionally, the dictations are encrypted depending on author settings.

New: Central Dictation Device Administration

August 2015:
Our product versions dns.comfort.pro, dns.comfort.net workflow and the new dns.comfort.basic workflow PLUS include starting from version a central dictation device administration for dictation devices by Grundig, Olympus and Philips.

Various settings per device can be configured, such as author(s), lists and security settings. Centrally controlled firmware updates can also be distributed. The transfer to the device happens as soon as the use connects the device to the PC.

With the integrated dictation device administration no installation of further software from the dictation device manufacturer is necessary.

Extended Terminal Integration

Reliable working with speech recognition made easy: by using the dns.comfort-own terminal channel a dictation can be started out of the terminal session in relation to an active application. The spoken text is unerringly transferred back into the application that was active when the dictation was started.

Keeping track with SpeechFocus

Our unique SpeechLock® has just got better: When using Speechlock in connection with Microsoft Word marked text and cursor are continuously highlighted in colour.  This way you know whether text is marked and where dictation is inserted.

SpeechFocus is available from V3.1.2 in all dns.comfort-versions, which include the option dictation pad.

Our Version 4 has started

August 2014: The with Dragon 13 fully compatible Version 4 of dns.comfort has started.