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Version 5 has started


The new Version 5 of dns.comfort is here!

Fully compatible with Dragon 14 and equipped with new features:

  • Complete emulation of the MBSEasy – Interface for easy integration into KIS and RIS-systems.
  • Flexible configuration of approval sequences within a workflow: the approval of dictations can be carried out by any authors and/or author group. Optionally, this can be done dependent on dictation properties.
  • Tasks can also be carried by other authors in the same pool.
  • Improved SpeechLock: New window classes are supported. The locked window can be set to “automatically always at the top”.
  • The background recognition service handles several dns.comfort-server now. This way the background recognition can take place with a number of dns.comfort-server instances on only one computer.
  • Self-defined columns can be edited – also with pre-specified values.


dns.comfort.local and dns.comfort.net can be downloaded from our Internet site:

For our products dns.comfort.basic wf, dns.comfort.net wf and dns.comfort.pro from the dns.comfort.Product family please contact your/our distributors
( https://www.sonic-labs.net/en/dealers).



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